Our story

Safina Sandals was born from a deep friendship, a love of travel to exotic locations, and an abhorrence for mass-produced shoes with ridiculous price tags.

Throughout their lives, Rosalie and Julie have travelled the world returning with little treasures from their adventures.  But no one thing has captured their hearts (and feet) more than the Greek sandals discovered one year down a back alley in Athens.

The shoes were not just beautiful but so well crafted.  Hand-made, in fact, by artisan workshops throughout the city and across the Greek islands – workshops run by shoe-makers with generations of skill and experience handed down from father to son and, sometimes, daughter. 

Despite being hand-made, the shoes were remarkably affordable by Australian standards.

Frustrated by the lack of comparable product in Australia (a market dominated by mass-produced, synthetic shoes), Rosalie and Julie decided to bring these gorgeous hand-crafted shoes back home.

And, before you could say “hand-made, full-leather, Greek sandals”, Safina Sandals was born.

The Safina Sandals family isn’t just about Rosalie and Julie.  It includes all those self-employed shoemakers doing it tough in the Greek economy; our extended “family” in Athens who help us navigate the unique Greek systems to bring these shoes to Australia; and our long-suffering husbands.  (And yes, Keith and Jeremy, we really do need that next buying trip to Athens … via Mykonos and Santorini…)

So, why Safina Sandals?  Well, to be honest, we just loved the name.  It just so happens, it also means “she who is strong”.    

We hope you love our shoes as much as we love bringing them to you.